Activists bully schools : Prime time : SunNews Video Gallery

Activists bully schools : Prime time : SunNews Video Gallery.


I am a firm believer that bullies can work under the most self-righteous banners. and this video says with so much more clarity than I can give.




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Spring, my windowsill, and myopia.

What a beautiful day today. There are tiny green leaves everywhere, and I got to mow the lawn. There is no smell I can think of that can compare with the smell of fresh cut grass. I went to a greenhouse, filled with the scent of earth and warmth – trays and trays of growing things. It was a feast for the senses. Three raspberry plants, a blueberry bush and some parsley sprouts came home with me. I am a little concerned for the parsley, as I had to re-pot them. They are sitting on the window by my other herb plants. I have dill, and mint as well as the parsley. They I grew from the seed, and they are doing really nicely.


I also acquired a new cactus. It is called a Pink Nymph. The thorns are really lovely – they fan out, forming a circle with one red-tipped thorn pointing outward from the center. The cactus looks as if it were covered with a web. Very nice. My other cactus is a Red-Headed Irishman, (or Rosie) It is starting to bulge outwards significantly. Definitely growing 😀


There are a couple succulent plants on the windowsill as well. My mother gave me this little one with oval leaves, and it has tripled in size since last fall and is sending up a bunch of new shoots. I just re-potted it so we shall just have to see. One of my other friends gifted me with a mature jade plant. What a gorgeous plant. The tips of its leaves have started to turn red. At first I was concerned, but I guess that means the plant is receiving more sunlight, which figures, as the days are most definitely brighter.


And last but certainly not least, my kalancho plant. It is a flowering plant with large broad leaves and a largfe cluster of little yellow rose-like blooms. It has also grown quite a lot since I re-pot it, and I am in love. The florist gave me some great tips for pruning it.


The garden makes me quite happy. I like tending my plants. It makes me feel capable, to raise and tend these plants – the first dill sprout made me feel like a champion.


It is interesting that the first step is always the toughest. A couple years ago, I had laser eye surgery. I was fairly close to blind before it happened. Severely myopic at any rate. The surgery was amazing. Life changing. Before, my eyes were a point of weakness in me. I was dependent on my glasses. Without them, I could not distinguish sky from earth. Last week I went to the optometrists for the first time since (excluding the follow-up appointments). My eyes are weakening again. I have known for a while, but damn. Back to spectacles.


I have a habit. Two years since my last pair of glasses, and I still compulsively try to push my glasses up the bridge of my nose. And soon, I will be doing it again for real.I am a little bummed out by this. Not severely, but it has most definitely been at the forefront of my mind.


I do not mind the fact that I have to wear glasses. I still have amazing vision, a hundred times better than what I did. And on a purely cosmetic level, I think glasses are a great accessory. I just remember that first moment after the surgery. I was still incredibly blurry, but I could not remember a moment in my life when I could see that clearly without glasses. And now my eyes feel weak again.


Oh well. In 30 years I will buy myself a new set of technologically engineered eyeball enhancement doohickies and have X-Ray vision. Boom baby!


Well until next time,



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The serenity of exhilaration

My latest artwork, Flight. This is, and will always be one of my greatest desires.

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Ottawa urged to come clean as ‘mass hysteria’ mounts over EI reform

Ottawa urged to come clean as ‘mass hysteria’ mounts over EI reform.

I hope that this comes to pass. I have a severe problem with anybody who refuses to take a job they think is beneath them. For the last ten years I have worked every nasty, smelly, lousy job in the book, and I tell you that the experience gave me a lot more than a full resume – it gave me an appreciation for the job I have now, and the confidence to move myself forward in life without fear of failure.If it was not for this smug attitude of all these college graduates who think they are too good for menial labor, we would not be bringing in immigrants left right and center to work at Canadian Tire and Tim Hortons (By the way, the same people complaining about the imported immigrants are the ones complaining about working in menial jobs).


I would work night shift, scrubbing floors at McDonalds if I had to. Luckily, I have done enough of that type of work that I no longer have to. But the folks who are going to be affected by these potential EI reforms have not done these jobs, and while they are overqualified by whatever education they have, they are woefully underqualified for an actual work environment. They have nothing on their resume to show to potential employers even in low-income jobs, and I know if I was looking to hire someone and their resume showed me they had been on EI for more than a month and a half with no medical excuse, I would draw a distinctly negative conclusion about their work ethic.


As a point of interest, Google “Jobless Need Not Apply”. Last year there was a trend popping up, and I am sure it still continues – companies would not consider hiring somebody who was not already employed. What does that indicate? That employers recognize that there are two types of people out there – the people who think the jobs should come to them, and the people who are willing to work at whatever it takes to get them to a better job. I say to the latter, good for you. And as for the former – as I am paying your way right now, I have no sympathy for you.

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My latest artwork Summoning.


deviantArt and for all the stock photos.

I have been having a hard time trying to categorize my art style. I dislike calling myself an artist, because I see too many artists with too little discipline, skill or talent (or a combination thereof, and that has really tainted the word for me. Graphic designer on the other hand sounds too technical.

The closest I have come is professional collager. I take pieces out of different photos and create whatever I want. I have replaced glue and newspaper clippings with Photoshop and deviantArt, but the principle is similar.

I wonder why the girl in the picture is playing music near a dragon’s den? I am not even sure if she realizes it is listening.

If anyone can give me a suggestion as to what is missing from the picture (the midground seems a little barren), that would be most appreciated


Edit: Added dragonflies in the midground. It still feels barren, but I am glad I have something in that space now.


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This is a very important link – it is a copy of the Alberta Human Rights Commission complaints form. As you will notice, there are a great many different sections to describe the plaintiff (This one happens to be representing “Canadians United To Kill the Infidel and Drive the Jews to the Sea” with a sexual orientation of “Animal Play”), however if you scroll down past this you will reach the section where the defendant is described. This is no joke – and I quote “IF NOT WHITE MALE, PLEASE EXPLAIN “

What?!?! Are you fucking serious? Some dogfucking anti-Semite gets a full page on the hurt feelings report but it is assumed that the defendant is a white male. I would like to take a stand on racism in this country. Racism against Caucasians.


Until next time, stay mad as hell.



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May 8, 2012 · 7:23 pm

Government endorses bill to unmask rioters

I would just like to point out the obvious hypocrisy in this bill. Now please correct me if I am wrong, but the people they are “targeting” with this bill are those who go to protests and stir sh*t up – breaking windows, chucking rocks, riling up the cops and generally being violent. Now what difference will this law make to those people? Does anyone really believe that passing a law is going to keep violent people from being violent? They are already breaking the law, so why would they care about one more infraction? No, this is another power grab from Ottawa. These violent protestors are giving the government an excuse to exert more control over law-abiding citizens, whose only crime may be choosing to remain anonymous at a political protest.
Now, I have heard stories about cops planting these people in protests to give them an excuse to arrest people, and I simply do not buy it. The violence is simply what happens when a mob forms. You can see it happening all over the world – groups of predominantly young people who see that things are not right and wanting change. And when you put that much restless energy into a space and provide the anonymity of a mob, people behave in ways that seem barbaric, but are really a very human reaction.
Say what you like, everyone is afraid right now. And some days, it just feels safer behind the mask.

“The mask was a thing on its own, behind which Jack hid, liberated from shame and self-consciousness.” – William Golding “The Lord of the Flies” (1954)


Until next time,



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May 8, 2012 · 2:14 am