Life without the internet makes blogging difficult….

Well I live out of town now, with no internet, or power or running water for that matter. It has been an amazing experience; it is definitely not conducive to having an internet blog.

That being said, I have had an epiphany into the future of Canada. It is fairly apparent now that with Obama back in office, civil war is brewing heavily down in the USA. The whole country is divided into two extremes – those who are living by the good graces of the federal government and wish to continue doing so, and those who are paying for the expenses of the federal government and are sick of doing so. Eventually this is going to lead to complete chaos. This civil war is not going to be a North vs. South scenario like the last civil war the States went through. This is going to be fought in every town, city, county, state and region of the country. Neighbours who have been friends for decades will kill each other in blind fanatical rages, and families will be torn apart by these political and philosophical differences. This is unavoidable.

What is also unavoidable is that Canada will be affected. Along the borders that separate southern Canada and the Yukon from the States there will be people fleeing to Canada, more troops posted on the US side of the border, smuggling and crime increases. Canada will be involved whether we want to or not.

Canada is pretty much owned by China. Most of our mining operations are run by the Chinese (speaking from the Yukon, I can assure any readers that this is a fact in the North. As for the rest of the country, I can only assume that the logging, oil and gas industries are the same way). When the war starts to get out of hand, or even before, China – our friendly trading partners are going to offer to send troops up to “assist” us and “protect” us. They will do this for two reasons. Firstly to protect their investments. There will be troop outposts everywhere all of a sudden. Then the second reason will become more and more apparent. They are going to use the fact that there is already quite a large Asian population living in Canada to mold our national ideologues in the Chinese image. Essentially, I believe Canada will go from being subject to British rule to Chinese rule.

This is unavoidable. And it scares me. My sister and I were discussing this last night. She agrees that this is a likely future for us, but disagrees on the timeline. I believe this will happen increasingly rapidly, taking place in the next 10-15 years. Claire believes it will take at least 50 years to get to that point. I hope she is right, but I wish we were both wrong.

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