Rainy days with the Legend of the Seeker

It is very wet outside today. All the trees are still, laden down with little droplets. There is still a drizzle coming down, and it is expected to do so for the rest of the night. The breeze coming through my window smells like earth and rain and life. All the colors are muted but somehow more vibrant and jewel-like.

The robin’s eggs in my yard hatched either yesterday or today. I crept up on the roof to see them today, and there they were, little wriggling things, pink with a light growth of grey fuzz. No sounds yet, but I expect to hear tiny cheep cheeps soon enough. There are no cats in my neighborhood (foxes and coyotes), so I do not feel the urge to do patrols with an airsoft gun. I am pretty sure Momma Robin sees me as the biggest danger to her babies anyways; every time I walk by and look up she is glaring at me. I would not wanna mess with her 😀

I am rereading the Legend of Seeker series by Terry Goodkind. This read through, I am really beginning to pick up a lot more. I love the way Goodkind writes. He has such an amazing vocabulary and sense of detail.

Until next time,



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