Ottawa urged to come clean as ‘mass hysteria’ mounts over EI reform

Ottawa urged to come clean as ‘mass hysteria’ mounts over EI reform.

I hope that this comes to pass. I have a severe problem with anybody who refuses to take a job they think is beneath them. For the last ten years I have worked every nasty, smelly, lousy job in the book, and I tell you that the experience gave me a lot more than a full resume – it gave me an appreciation for the job I have now, and the confidence to move myself forward in life without fear of failure.If it was not for this smug attitude of all these college graduates who think they are too good for menial labor, we would not be bringing in immigrants left right and center to work at Canadian Tire and Tim Hortons (By the way, the same people complaining about the imported immigrants are the ones complaining about working in menial jobs).


I would work night shift, scrubbing floors at McDonalds if I had to. Luckily, I have done enough of that type of work that I no longer have to. But the folks who are going to be affected by these potential EI reforms have not done these jobs, and while they are overqualified by whatever education they have, they are woefully underqualified for an actual work environment. They have nothing on their resume to show to potential employers even in low-income jobs, and I know if I was looking to hire someone and their resume showed me they had been on EI for more than a month and a half with no medical excuse, I would draw a distinctly negative conclusion about their work ethic.


As a point of interest, Google “Jobless Need Not Apply”. Last year there was a trend popping up, and I am sure it still continues – companies would not consider hiring somebody who was not already employed. What does that indicate? That employers recognize that there are two types of people out there – the people who think the jobs should come to them, and the people who are willing to work at whatever it takes to get them to a better job. I say to the latter, good for you. And as for the former – as I am paying your way right now, I have no sympathy for you.


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