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This is a very important link – it is a copy of the Alberta Human Rights Commission complaints form. As you will notice, there are a great many different sections to describe the plaintiff (This one happens to be representing “Canadians United To Kill the Infidel and Drive the Jews to the Sea” with a sexual orientation of “Animal Play”), however if you scroll down past this you will reach the section where the defendant is described. This is no joke – and I quote “IF NOT WHITE MALE, PLEASE EXPLAIN “

What?!?! Are you fucking serious? Some dogfucking anti-Semite gets a full page on the hurt feelings report but it is assumed that the defendant is a white male. I would like to take a stand on racism in this country. Racism against Caucasians.


Until next time, stay mad as hell.




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May 8, 2012 · 7:23 pm

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