For the want of a scraped knee, a culture was lost…

There is a disturbing cycle developing in Canada. Children are a focal point for a struggle between parents and educators. Parents, due to the stresses of the economy are forced to get multiple jobs, leaving their children in the cares of schools, daycares and other child-driven programs. These educators, child care workers, teachers are nothing but glorified babysitters. These people have no attachment to these kids except through their desire to work with children, whether for emotional or financial reasons. But not only do the parents send these children to these people; they expect them to give them a working understanding of the world around them. And if something happens to a child in the care of these babysitters – a sprain due to a fall from the jungle gyms, exposure to something the parents disapprove of, or even (and especially) if these child care workers express an opinion that differs from the parents’ views, the parents can create a large uproar that threatens their livelihoods. Now, call me old-fashioned, but parenting is the job of the biological parents. If John and Jane have a baby, they are the ones who should be informing their children, teaching them, and giving them a model to live their life by. If something happens to their child while under the care of another adult, the parents also have to assume responsibility (with reasonable exceptions) for what happened, as they chose to place their child in the care of these people. But what ends up happening if something bad befalls a child is the parents and the teachers both refusing to take responsibility.
Because of this, institutes that cater to children have begun to reconstruct society at a fundamental level. We (North America) have created an insulated world, where a minor flesh wound is grounds for a lawsuit, kissing on the playground is sexual harassment, or if a child does something politically incorrect (draws a picture of a gun, or asks a question considered to be racist) there is an enormous kerfuffle, and everything is blown out of proportion. And with more and more restrictions put into place to “protect” the kiddies, the less they can hope to learn about the harsh realities we live with every day. These young minds are instead being bombarded with messages, subliminal and blatant, that they are victims and that someone else is always to blame. How can we be surprised that these children are growing into shiftless slackers? In a recent article, it showed that only 25% of youth in the States will be working this summer. Come on people. If there are no jobs available, then why do companies all over America keep importing workers from the Philippines? Because these poor, innocent, defenseless children who have been shielded from every hardship they have ever been exposed to have expected that everything they want will be handed to them, or they will be carried there by others who will shield them from the discomforts of actual effort.
We are doing this to ourselves, and it will only get worse and worse, until one day historians will look back and wonder what the hell we were thinking.

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May 5, 2012 · 8:33 pm

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