The Grey

I made it out to the cinema last night. I rarely go, as the two movie theatres in my city are unbelievably poorly kept. The projection machine emits a whirring hum that is audible all the time, the movie is blurry and the rooms are never heated properly. Add ridiculous ticket and concession prices to the mix, and I find that most folks around here would rather just download that .avi file that came from the Philippines, where some guy used a handheld camera to record the film and the sound and video is better quality than what we have. #endrant The movie I went to see was titled The Grey, starring Liam Neeson. A group of drillers flying back from a remote Alaskan bush camp wind up in a plane crash. Only seven survive the crash, Neeson being one of them. He takes charge of the group, but before they can get rescued from the crash site, they are attacked by wolves. Now, wolves are not usually aggressive towards humans. However, the movie logic goes that wolves are more aggressive when they are closer to their den, and that they consider the humans to be intruders. Whether that is true, I would prefer not to have to find out, but it seems reasonable. So Neeson and the remaining six, who are preyed upon by this highly organized pack of wolves are struggling to combat the winter, the wolves, and eachother. The group dynamic changes from scene to scene, but all the characters were well placed against eachother.

Overall, I really enjoyed the movie. Stories about men pitted against nature with only their brains to keep them protected from threat have always been my favorite stories. Perhaps my favorite movie of the genre is The Edge with Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin. The two have to survive against a giant Kodiak bear. Like The Edge, The Grey shows what humans can do when we are forced to survive with barely any technology. Our resourcefulness is what brought us out of the Dark Ages and to the comfortable life we have. In this world, so many people forget what hardship is. I thought this movie was a really great idea with a lot of moral fibre to it, plus plenty of awesome wolf scenes.

The reason I went to see this movie was an article I read before I saw the film. In it, Neeson was describing the filming conditions. He claimed all the weather from the movie was real, not supplemented with studio fans. I wanted to see this movie about the north and see how they portrayed the merciless conditions of the winter up here. I was not disappointed. One of the things Iove most about the winter is that monochromatic look, where all the colors seem to disappear except for muted blues and greens, and the movie succeeded in bringing that contrast out. The film was shot in Smithers BC, so the mountains and forests are simply breathtaking. I would definitely recommend a watch to anyone who loves nature survival flicks.

4 out of 5 howls for The Grey

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