The countdown always seems longest at the end…

Well, another three weeks have passed, and I am now getting ready to depart the minesite for my (well-earned) time off. It has been a wild ride, with many ups and downs, but all in all it was a swift turnaround.


Funny thing, time. I arrived here three weeks ago, and the time seemed interminable, like molasses oozing down a hill. But today I realized I have to do laundry and start packing if I do not want to rush myself last minute. So the last 2 1/2 weeks sped by without me even being able to catch up, but now that I am nearing the final few days, it seems as though the days are longer and longer.


I am very excited. My younger brother is meeting me at the halfway checkpoint between my job and my town and driving me home. I am glad. The drive is awful on the way home because it feels like it never ends, but with good company and good music I feel very excited to catch p with my bro.


Things I plan on doing when I get home:


Invest in bar soap. The mine is no longer supplying personal bar soap, and Sodexo does not want to pay for it either, so I have been s.o.l. for bar soap this turnaround. I also have to restock my other toiletries – shampoo, toothpaste – the essentials.

Get a new hairdo! I have not really posted a picture of myself, but I plan on darkening my hair and trimming all the dead ends off. It is so dry up here, my hair suffers.

Key cutting. My boyfriend and I are taking the next step – trading keys. I was hesitant, because the last time I did, the arse I was dating lost my key almost immediately and then pestered me for another one until I broke up with him (not just over that).

Snowboarding!!! I have yet to hit the hills, and I am super pumped for this season. I am still a beginner but it will be a good time regardless.

Fire spinning. As well as spinning poi, I was given a fire staff for Christmas from my wonderful Danny, so I am going to learn how to spin a staff before i light it on fire. There is really no experience like spinning fire out at a bush party under the northern lights in the snow.


I am sure I can think of much more to do, ut that is all the time I want to spend online today. Keep checking in for my news updates, which I will commence once I have a bit more leisure time!


Until next time,



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  1. Hatter

    Not so to see and spend time with us unworthy creatures?

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