To wed or not to wed…


An article I read today in the National Post:


Personally, I plan on getting married. I want to have a husband with whom I can share the rest of my life. But in this day and age, when divorce is a messy complicated situation, is it really a shock that fewer people (myself included) are actually interested in being bound by a legal ceremony, much less a religious one? Adding your name to the Department of Legal Nuptials is a completely unnecessary step in paperwork, when after 12 months of living together, a common-law partner is entitled to half of your assets. And you can separate without going through the divorce processes.

I came from a broken family. But my parents were not married, so when they decided to part, they did not have to go through the whole mess with lawyers and custody agreements. They figured out their own terms that were not dictated to them from an outside source. I am lucky in that there were no legal actions taken on either side, regarding custody or alimony. But the point is, had my mother decided to sue for alimony, she would have been granted it without ever having been married to my father.

So what is the advantage of getting married in this day and age? Well, if you are religious, then there is the added perk of having your union blessed by the higher power of your choice. Marriage can give you a greater chance of immigrating to another country. Also, arranged marriages for financial, political or any other reason can fulfill a purpose. But, for those who simply want to spend their life with one person, a legality cannot bestow that which has already been given to you.

A wedding should not be an event to signify the beginning of a life together. It should be an acknowledgement that life has already begun. When I find one I wish to spend my life with, I may have a commemoration of some sort; there will be no ritual. Just friends, family, a few simple vows and a dinner. I, like so many others, do not need sanction from others.


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