The dream I had last night was another adventure.


In this one, I was part of a group of younger kids, and we were holed up at my old high school. The dream is a bit fuzzy up until things start to really go down, but I remember clearly Darth Vader and some flunky trying to kill me. I ran and tried to escape through this winter trail by a swift moving river – in my dream I was fleet of foot, swift and silent. I had two others with me who were running from Vader. We ran in circles it seemed, because I would run back to the school and escape up into the vents and double back. Once, Vader almost caught me by outwitting me. Once his flunky almost got me too, but I defeated him.


I remember the color of the light in the school. It was that first rich golden morning light, with dust swirling in it. The air was musty, like it had not been stirred for a while. There were these two teenage girls who kept pestering me. One of them tried to grab me, but I bit her on the wrist – just a little nip, but hard enough to hurt. Then I told her the next time she touched me she would lose the hand.


If my dream seems a bit confused, it is because I can only track it as it comes back to me. a lot of details, though my dreams are vivid during their conception, I lose most of their cohesive matter upon waking. All that stays with me are the last images and sensations, losing any form of story and just becoming pictures.


Last night was not entirely lucid. I did not take charge at all – I jut let myself drift along with it.


Until next time,




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