Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Tonight I am stricken with insomnia. It hits me, less often now than in the past; when it does I just deal with it. Tomorrow will not likely be the productive day I was hoping for, but the night has it’s appeals.

I just finished “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, and all I can think of is what a breath of fresh air is Audrey Hepburn. For the last 90 minutes, I felt every emotion she felt, because this marvelous vitality just pours through her being. She is a tiny, fragile looking thing, with a grace that makes me green with envy, and a spirit that captures me every moment she is on screen. Her character was also amazing – this little chatterbox who wants nothing more than to be as free as a bird. Simply wonderful.

There is a poem I wrote a couple years ago. The movie reminded me of it, and so I would like to share, “To Kiss in Black and White”

I’ve always wanted to kiss you
Like they do in black and white.
Embracing too intensely,
Our bodies locked too tight.

To see that sudden arousal
Smoldering deep within your eyes
To feel my own desire surge
Beyond my haughty guise.

And in that blazing moment
Before our arms enfold,
The amusement and the triumph
Will make our laughing eyes grow bold.

But next there’s only passion.
Fingers tangled in my hair.
A moment of hesitation,
Then my pale neck is laid bare.

Your lips will make me shudder
Up my jawline, down my throat.
And I’ll moan and cry in ecstasy
As you make my body float.

And like true cinemascopic fashion
Of the ending, there is no doubt
The strings crescendo, the moment holds
Then the picture darkens out.

Until next time,



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