I had an interesting dream last night.

In this dream I was a man, and I looked something like a viking or a barbarian from the Gallic times.  It was the future though, because there were telephone poles and decrepit crumbling buildings. We were in the forest, a vast spruce forest in the midst of huge rolling hills. Something had happened – my village had been attacked by these strange monsters – some of them men and some not — weird lizard creatures and giants that looked like giant mounds wrapped in rich cloths and things that were not men and not birds but both.

I remember sneaking up a hill to see what was going on. The hill was covered with dead yellow grass. I could smell it and hear the crunch as I moved over it. When I got to the top of the hill, I could see feet, as the barbarians were enjoying their plunders. I snuck around the side of the hill and found a huge double door from the Old Times. Inside was a huge hallway paved with linoleum. On the left, a few metres in was another double door, that when I peeked through led down some dark and uninviting stairs.The part of me that is lucid when I dreams assigned this place as a school.

I heard a sound, so I left the door open and went to investigate. I went into this white tiled room filled with rubble, and there was a little lizard man who had a young woman with him. I do not know if he was going to rape or eat her. Either way my presence gave him a moment’s hesitation, which the young lady used to flee back to the village. He had a double sided, conical blade, with the grip in the middle, and I had 5 triangular bladed knives. I threw one, missed, threw another, and that one lodged in his shoulder. He did not rush me, so I threw 2 more, and when he turned to get one of the knives I had tossed at him, I rushed him and stabbed him through the back and through the heart. The tip of my blade came out through his chest and I lifted him with it. As he died, he shriveled and blackened until he was just a withered, dark corpse, with the corpse’ grin.

I went to leave the place after my victory; when I got there the entrance was surrounded by barbarians! The doors were still slightly ajar, but though they gave me some small cover, they still sent arrows and poisoned darts after me. I ran back down the hallway to the first door and slammed it shut before running on, as I hoped they would think I went down the stairs. I ran on until I found this place that had a place to hide – it was lockers, and there was an island of them along the left wall, which was dark. I hid behind those, ready to fight and watched them glide by my hiding spot. First there were men – more than I could fight. Then came the giants, wrapped in cloth, with horns and no discernible shape. Then these leather-winged bird creatures and thin lizard men. More and more weird creatures glided by me, but none saw me. Finally at the end of the procession, I decided to break free. I definitely could have waited until they were all gone, but I did not. I ran for the door and made it out. I could hear the alarms being raised behind me and the sound of pursuit.

When I made it outside, instead of going back to the village, I turned left and found myself on top of a hill so steep I could not see the decline, just a forest with what looked like  trail. I jumped down the hill and slid all the way to the bottom – a most thrilling ride. It was awesome. The men were still chasing me, so I ran. Then, something strange happened. I saw a man on a bicycle, wearing a gas mask approaching. I t the bike from him and drove off on it. The last thing I saw in my dream was from the perspective of the invaders, as I escaped. Then I awoke.

Well, until next time,



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