Round the ole’ campfire…

I love fire. I have no real tendencies to arson, but I love a good campfire. In the winter, the dead of night with the muffled sounds of snow-laden trees, it just seems right to have the crackle and heat of flame. The violent colors and sometimes unbearable heat against the nip of winter. As a result of my passions, I started spinning fire poi. The revolutions of flame around me create this wall of heat that hits my face and body. There is a whooshing roar that blocks all other sounds, and the air smells of kerosene and singed hair.


I was spinning tonight at a Black Sabbath tribute. I love spinning for metalheads. They are far more interesting than the usual crowd of E-heads. They are loud and boisterous, and they actually go up to the stage and enjoy the music on stage. I get tired of the same old bump and grind constantly, and the older I get, the less taste I have for pop music. Lady Gaga especially bothers me.


A Bunch of B.S. was the band on stage tonight, and they were pretty awesome. 4 piece band, with a chick singer. She rocked it out. Total rock star. The crowd was really good and I got to play some pool. I managed to hold the table for three games, though it was more luck than skill. By the end of it I was starting to hit a groove, but it was brutal.


2 AM, and I am going to sleep now. There is a lunar eclipse, but it is snowing incredibly hard and has been all evening, so I doubt I will get to see anything special. It is still nice to fall asleep knowing that it will happen, with or without me.


Well, until the next time,








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