The beginnning.



For years I have been keeping journals. This is just the next step. Now that the screen is in front of me and I know other people will read this, I am at a loss for words. There is a lot I want to say, and I hope to keep a regularly updated blog on the things I think about.


I guess I will give out a little background. I live in the Great White North. It is cold and dark for 8 months of the year, with huge mosquitoes the other 4 (there is a brief period where they die right before the snows, but the longest lapse on record is still only about 8 1/2 minutes), giant moose and bears, and all sorts of colorful characters. My life’s goal is to be noted as one of the “Colorful 5%”


I am a graphic designer, musician and poet. Perhaps soon I will upload some of the graphic work I do. My medium is Photoshop, and my style is sci-fi/fantasy. My poetry is inspired by Robert Service and W.B. Yeats. I play classical piano, and studied jazz for a couple years at VIU (formerly known as Malaspina).


My philosophical beliefs are continuously evolving, but right now I am studying libertarianism. I have been influenced by Aldous Huxley, Ayn Rand, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and Mark Steyn.


I currently work in a tungsten mine in the Northwest Territories, the only place in Canada more isolated than the Yukon.  My father and I have recently come to the decision for me to take over his monthly news publication, but that will not commence until spring, so in the mean time I work as a data entry clerk. I hope to work myself into a situation where I can work for myself at home. In the last few years, I have come to the conclusion that I do not like to work for other people, even if I like the people I work for. So at the moment I would like to study for a career in web design/graphic design.


Until the next time,





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